1939 Mercury Head Dimes in XF condition

We have several of these beautiful Extra Fine type coins in different years from 1935 through 1944 and  a few mint marks as well. Let us know if you are looking for something specific.

1939 Mercury Dime XF condition

A beautiful coin. Apologies for the glare from the plastic of the coin protector. Shipping and handling included.



Indian Head Cents, Set of 6 Extra Fine

Check out this set of six beautiful Indian Head cents from 1900-1905! They are all in Extra Fine condition at 40 points or higher.

The PCGS value on these coins is $13 each or $78 for the set, but I am offering this set at more than a 15% discount of just $65 and free shipping within the U.S.!

I have only this one set in Extra Fine condition, so first come, first served.

Set of 6 Indian Head Cents

Set of 6 Indian Head Cents (1900-1905) in Extra Fine Condition


Set of 6 Indian Head Cents in Extra Fine condition.