1918 D Mercury Dime

This coin grades as Very Good. Free shipping and handling.


Set of 4 Mercury Dimes, 1916-1919

Range in grade from About Good to Very Good.


1939 Mercury Dime XF condition

A beautiful coin. Apologies for the glare from the plastic of the coin protector. Shipping and handling included.


1918 S Mercury Dime

Very good condition. Free shipping and handling.


Set of 6 Indian Head Cents

Set of 6 Indian Head Cents (1900-1905) in Extra Fine Condition




Indian Head Cent Starter Set

Four Indian Head Cents from four different years, 1904-1908, in Fine to Very Fine condition. Cost includes postage and handling.




Baseball cards for Hall of Fame players

15 cards, mix and match Hall of Fame Player cards as you wish. Send an email message with the list of cards you wish to purchase. Free postage and handling.



Indian Head Cent, single coin

You will receive an Indian Head Cent in Fine condition from years 1904-1907. Price includes postage and handling.