Starter Set of 5 Mercury Dimes from 1920’s

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It’s the World Series! Who is Rooting for the Astros?

The Houston Astros represented the National League in the 2005 World Series and were swept by the Chicago White Sox. In 2017, the Astros will represent the American League against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The 2005 team were led by future Hall of Famer Craig Biggio and it was the last season for Jeff Bagwell, also a Hall of Fame inductee and both of whom were lifelong Astros. With the exception of big name free agent pitchers Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, the team was pretty much all home-grown.

According to Baseball Reference, Biggio is the all-time Astros career leader in 18 offensive categories including Games Played, At Bats, Plate Appearances, Runs, Hits, Doubles, Total Bases, and Extra Base Hits. Bagwell is the all-time Astros leader in Home Runs, RBI, Walks, Intentional Walks, Sacrifice Flies, and 8 other categories.

The 2017 Astros are also home-grown, a fine testament to the organization’s farm system, and a most exciting team to watch. Three of the current stars: Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and George Springer, are all under 28 years of age and their names already appear in the Top 10 Astros Career Statistics list for numerous categories. Altuve leads the current group with 15 Top 10 Career Stats lists including Hits (9th), Total Bases (9th), Doubles (6th), Stolen Bases (4th), and Extra Base Hits (9th).

Correa appears in 7 Top 10 Astros Career lists and currently stands at 8th on Astros career On-Base Percentage (.366), 5th in Slugging Percentage (.498), 4th in OPS (.863), and 9th in At Bats per Home Run (21.0). Springer appears in 4 Top 10 lists and currently stands 9th in Slugging (.478), 7th in OPS (.837), and 6th in At Bats per Home Run (18.9)! Here’s hoping that these three players spend their careers in a Houston uniform and set new standards in these and many more statistical categories as well as joining Biggio and Bagwell in the Hall of Fame.

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Indian Head Cent Starter Sets – 4 coins/$10

Share the hobby of coin collecting! Our Indian Head Cent Starter sets make a great gift for a child or grand-child. The coins are in Fine to Very Fine condition, 12 to 20 points. Each set contains four coins of differing dates from 1904 through 1908. Each set is only $10 plus $2.50 for postage and handling.

Indian Head Cent Starter Set

Four Indian Head Cents from four different years, 1904-1908, in Fine to Very Fine condition. Cost includes postage and handling.


The Indian Head Cent is such a beautiful coin. It was designed by James Barton Longacre, the Chief Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint.

Longacre advocated his Indian Head design in an August 21, 1858, letter to Mint Director James Ross Snowden:

“From the copper shores of Lake Superior, to the silver mountains of Potosi from the Ojibwa to the Aramanian, the feathered tiara is as characteristic of the primitive races of our hemisphere, as the turban is of the Asiatic. Nor is there anything in its decorative character, repulsive to the association of Liberty … It is more appropriate than the Phrygian cap, the emblem rather of the emancipated slave, than of the independent freeman, of those who are able to say “we were never in bondage to any man”. I regard then this emblem of America as a proper and well defined portion of our national inheritance; and having now the opportunity of consecrating it as a memorial of Liberty, ‘our Liberty’, American Liberty; why not use it? One more graceful can scarcely be devised. We have only to determine that it shall be appropriate, and all the world outside of us cannot wrest it from us.” (