Dave Winfield, Hall of Fame

Career Accomplishments:

  • 12 time All-Star
  • 7 time Gold Glove winner
  • 6 time Silver Slugger winner
  • 11,003 at bats ranks 9th all time
  • 2,973 games played ranks 11th all time
  • 1,833 RBI ranks 18th all time
  • 3,110 hits ranks 21st all time
  • 1,093 extra base hits ranks 22nd all time
  • 465 home runs ranks 34th all time
  • .984 fielding percentage in right field ranks 51st all time

Here is a list of the Dave Winfield cards that I currently have in inventory. Send an email message to BigBubbo@yahoo.com about any cards you wish to purchase or talk trade. I personally collect Bob Gibson, Roberto Clemente, Tom Seaver, St. Louis Cardinals – especially from the 60’s, 1969 and 1986 New York Mets, and 1985 Kansas City Royals.

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1980 Topps


1982 Topps


1983 Fleer


1984 Topps


1988 Score


1988 Topps Team Leaders


1989 Donruss


1989 Score


1989 Topps


1989 Upper Deck


1989 Starting Line


1989 Donruss – MVP


1991 Upper Deck


1991 Topps


1991 Score


1991 Fleer


1992 Leaf


1992 Fleer Ultra


1992 Upper Deck


1992 Topps Highlight


1992 Topps


1992 Score


1992 Score Cooperstown


1992 Fleer Record Setter


1992 Donruss


1992 Upper Deck


1993 Stadium Club


1993 Leaf


1993 Bowman


1993 Topps


1993 Score


1994 Upper Deck


1994 Topps


1996 Score



Author: Big Bubbo

I wear and have worn several different hats over the course of my life: minister, librarian, college administrator, college professor, entrepreneur, researcher, and technology enthusiast. I like to write, explore, bike, cook, watch baseball, and much more. The days are filled!

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