Barry Larkin, Cincinnati Reds MVP and Hall of Fame

Barry Larkin was born and raised in Cincinnati and played ball at Archbishop Moeller High School. The Reds drafted him out of high school in 1982, but Larkin opted to play ball at the University of Michigan. Three years later the Reds made him the fourth overall pick and he played his entire career in the Reds organization. Being the hometown boy undoubtedly helped Larkin with the unenviable task of replacing another lifelong Reds legend, Davey Concepion.

Larkin was the National League MVP in 1995, a year in which he led the National League with 51 stolen bases and was caught stealing less than 9% of the time. It was the first of two consecutive years in which he scored the hat trick of winning a Gold Glove, a Silver Slugger, and making the National League All Star team. All told, Larkin played in 12 All Star Games, won 9 Silver Sluggers and 3 Gold Gloves. According to Baseball Reference, his offensive WAR in 1995 was second only to Craig Biggio in the National League, and he committed only 11 fielding errors, one more than Jose Vizcaino, among National League shortstops.

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