George Brett, Kansas City Royals, Hall of Fame

George Brett was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999 after a 21 year career with the Kansas City Royals. According to Baseball Reference, he ended his career with a Wins Above Replacement rating of 88.4. Brett is the only MLB player to ever win 3 batting titles in 3 different decades: 1976, 1980, and 1990. In 1980 he was selected American League MVP after posting an amazing slashline of .390 BA/.454 OBP/.664 SLG/1.118 OPS. Over the course of his career, Brett was awarded 3 Silver Sluggers, 1 Gold Glove, and appeared in 13 All-Star Games.

Brett finished behind Mike Hargrove and Bucky Dent for 1974 American League Rookie of the Year honors, neither of whom are in the Hall of Fame. Brett hit 665 doubles in his career ranking him #5 all time among Hall of Famers.

Brett was a consummate hitter who rarely went down on strikes. Among Hall of Fame members from the modern era with at least 10,000 plate appearances, Brett ranks #5 with the lowest strike out rate of just 7.81%. Only Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Luis Aparicio, and Wade Boggs had lower strikeout rates. Click here to see the table.

Here is a list of the George Brett cards that I currently have in inventory. Send an email message to about any cards you wish to purchase or talk trade. I personally collect Bob Gibson, Roberto Clemente, Tom Seaver, St. Louis Cardinals – especially from the 60’s, 1969 and 1986 New York Mets, and 1985 Kansas City Royals.

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George Brett 1983 All Star1983 Topps All Star

I love this facial expression. I can just hear Brett thinking “What is that Billy Martin up to now?!”








George Brett 1986 Topps All Star

1986 All Star (1985 Batting Average Leaders)

That classic George Brett smile! Certainly one of the most personable players in MLB history.








George Brett 1986 Topps1986 Topps

It is so strange to see a picture of George Brett wearing batting gloves!








George Brett 1987

1987 Topps

That trademark follow through pose after a base hit. Notice the lack of batting gloves!








George Brett 1989 Donruss MVP


1989 Donruss MVP

With the first-base mitt!







George Brett 1990 Fleer Players of the Decade


1990 Fleer Players of the Decade

This card commemorates the 10th anniversary of Brett winning the 1980 batting title with a .390 average – the highest average in 39 years dating back to 1941 when Ted Williams hit .406.





George Brett Donruss 90

1990 Donruss

The classic George Brett batting stance: weight back, hands back, bat down, and ready to squish the bug with the left foot.







George Brett 1990 Bowman Tiffany

1990 Bowman Tiffany card









George Brett 1990 Topps

1990 Topps









George Brett 1991 Topps


1991 Topps

The classic George Brett swing just as the left hand is about to release the bat.






George Brett 1991 Score Franchise A1991 Score The Franchise

Probably my favorite Brett card. The three bats in this photo are for the three batting titles that George Brett won over the course of three decades – the only player ever to do so. In 1990 at the age of 37, Brett became the third oldest player to win a batting title by hitting a blistering .388 after the All Star break.





George Brett Donruss 1991 Highlight

1991 Donruss Highlights

Here is the Donruss card commemorating the three titles in three decades accomplishment. Again, that classic batting stance.







George Brett 1992 Topps


1992 Topps









George Brett Now and Then

1993 Pinnacle Now and Then

Pictures of Brett as a rookie in 1973 and the future Hall of Famer in 1992.





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